Our Team

We are a team of experienced, bright and dedicated research practitioners. Our team is a blend of client and supplier-side professionals who have demonstrated success in a multitude of industries. Each of our consultants has a wealth of knowledge gathered from his or her respective background.


Business decision-makers today face unparalleled challenges and opportunities. Factors such as Global competition, market maturity, market potential accelerate the pace of business and drive continuous, unpredictable change. In order to exploit opportunities, organizations need access to current, accurate and actionable inputs and knowledge for both strategic decisions making as well as day-to-day knowledge processes. We keep this vision in mind to continuously innovate and practice techniques of market research to facilitate marketers acquire, retain and build long-term relationships with the customers.

We Aim to

At ResearchnConsulting, we partner with businesses, helping them to not only take the step forward, but also to attain growth than ever before. Our research and consulting services are customized to different needs and objectives that aim to: